Salman Khan’s body double died, heart attack took his life

The Bollywood industry has recently eaten Raju Srivastava, meanwhile, another bad news has come out for the film world. Salman Khan’s body double Sagar Pandey has passed away.

Sagar Pandey

Image Credit source: Twitter

Another bad news has come out for the entertainment industry. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan K body double Sagar Pandey has passed away. Sagar died of a heart attack. According to the information received, Sagar suffered chest pain during gym workouts, after which he fell on the ground. Seeing Sagar’s critical condition, he was admitted to the hospital. Doctors in the hospital declared him dead on seeing him.

Sagar Pandey was always a big fan of Salman Khan and was also very close to him. She has worked as a body double with Salman Khan in many films. If we talk about the whole matter, then on Friday, Sagar had left the house to do gym as usual. Suddenly while exercising, he felt severe pain in the chest, soon after which he fainted and fell on the ground. The people present in the gym were scared to see his condition. Sagar was rushed to Hindu Hriday Samrat Balasaheb Thackeray Trauma Care Municipal Hospital. where he was pronounced dead.

Sagar’s age is said to be between 40-45. Sagar’s death is being linked to the death of Raju Srivastava. Raju also had a heart attack during a workout in the gym. After which he died after fighting a war for more than a month. Let us tell you that Sagar worked with Salman Khan for the first time in the film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. After which he also worked with Salman Khan in films like Bodyguard, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Dabangg, Dabangg 2.

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bollywood stars He works very hard for his films. But their body double also does the same hard work. There are very few stars in the industry who perform their action sequences on their own. But more than half the stars use their body double for their difficult scenes. So that his face and he himself can be completely safe. However, sometimes the action sequences are so difficult that the body double gets seriously injured. But for the sake of their work, these people face every danger.