Salute to this mother-son duo! Army training taken from same academy, mother major son lieutenant

A tweet was shared by the official account of Public Relations, Chennai, under the Directorate of Public Relations, Ministry of Defence. This tweet is being discussed for a special reason.

Major Smita Chaturvedi with her son

Image Credit source: Twitter

Cadets have recently been commissioned in the Indian Army in Chennai. The commissioning took place at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai and during this time Major General Abdullah Shamal, Chief of Defense Staff of Maldives was also present. There was also a son among the soldiers who joined the Indian Army, who was in the same way. Chennai Officers Training Academy was commissioned from, the way his mother had been 27 earlier. Now this story is being discussed all round on social media and people are getting different types of response on it.

Actually, a tweet was shared by the official account of Public Relations of Chennai under the Directorate of Public Relations of the Ministry of Defense. This tweet was special because it tells the inspirational story of a mother-son duo. In this post, Major Smita Chaturvedi can be seen with her son. His son has recently passed out from Officers Training Academy, Chennai. From this academy, Major Smita Chaturvedi also passed 27 years ago and joined the Indian Army. Major Smita’s happiness can be clearly seen on her face in the post.

Young Major Smita’s picture was also shared

Defense PRO Chennai tweeted, ‘A beautiful moment for a lady officer: Major Smita Chaturvedi (Retd) commissioned 27 years ago in 1995 from Officer Training Academic, Chennai. Today he saw his son getting commission in the same way from the same academy. This tweet has been shared with the thread, in which young Major Smita can be seen in the second post. This picture is from the time when Major Smita herself was taking training at the Officer Training Academy in Chennai. Thin-skinny Major Smita can be seen in this picture.

What did Major Smita say on her son’s achievement?

PRO Chennai has also shared a video of Major Smita. In this, she is telling how happy she is feeling with this achievement of her son. In the video, he recalled his old days of training. Also told how changes can be seen in the academy with the changing times. PRO Chennai tweeted the video and captioned, ‘Major Smita Chaturvedi (Retd) remembers his old days spent in this wonderful academy and his son has written a wonderful script by joining the army like him.’

How did people react?

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