Samantha Ruth Prabhu: South actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu met Sadhguru, after listening to the salaav, the religious guru told the actress a child

Samantha Ruth met religious leader Sadhguru.

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Recently, Samantha Ruth Prabhu met religious leader Sadhguru in Hyderabad. During this, he asked some such questions to Sadhguru, which he was surprised to hear.

Famous actress of South films Samantha Ruth Prabhu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) Often someone remains in the headlines for some reason. Sometimes the actress remains in the discussion about her personal life and sometimes her social life. Recently, the actress has come into the limelight for meeting Dharmaguru Sadhguru. Like many film stars, Samantha also follows religious leader Sadhguru. The actress met the religious leader in Hyderabad. During this, she asked some such questions to Sadhguru, after which she is becoming viral on social media. So let’s know what such questions did the actress ask about which she has come in the discussion?

Recently, actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu met her religious leader Sadhguru in Hyderabad. During this, he asked many questions related to his personal life to Sadhguru. The actress asked many such questions in the conversation, after hearing which Sadhguru called her questions childish. Along with this, he was also very surprised by the questions of the actress.

In the information received from media reports, it is reported that Samantha Ruth Prabhu asked in a conversation during a meeting with Sadhguru, ‘Is the injustice being done to her life is the result of her past deeds. Are they getting fruit in this birth according to their deeds?’ Along with this, Samantha asked many such questions, due to which it seemed that she is confused between many questions and answers in her life.

Samantha talked about deeds with the master

Next to this the actress asked another such question which was about her past deeds. The actress asked that another question is running in my mind that, how much is one’s life the result of one’s past deeds? Can injustice happen in one’s life and the result of their past deeds? If so, do you accept these injustices? It may be harmful for us but we should accept it.

What did Sadhguru answer to Samantha’s complicated questions?

Responding to Samantha’s questions, Sadhguru said that do you still expect that the world will be fair to you? To which the actress laughed and replied, “That’s why I am asking this question! Whether I consider the things happening to me as the fault of past karma. To this, Sadhguru said, “It is a question of a schoolgirl,” you cannot expect the world to be fair to you. By now you should be aware that the world is not fair.

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Significantly, Samantha and her ex-husband and actor Naga Chaitanya got married with each other in the year 2017. But, after 4 years of marriage, this famous couple of South separated from each other. Before marriage, both were also in relationship with each other for a long time. After which they had decided to be together. But due to differences in marriage, both of them separated with mutual consent.