samsung beats xiaomi as top smartphone selling company in q4 2022 report

Samsung has snatched the title of being number 1 in the smartphone market from Xiaomi. The company overtook the Chinese smartphone maker in the last quarter of 2022. The South Korean smartphone giant has achieved a market share of 20% in the fourth quarter of 2022. While Xiaomi’s market share could reach only 18% here. The reason for this is being told that Xiaomi is lagging behind in the premium segment while Samsung is said to have a good hold in the premium segment. At the same time, India’s consumer base is also moving towards premium handsets, says the report.

South Korean smartphone maker company Samsung New Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi To beat Have given. The company went ahead in India in the fourth quarter of last year. The reason for this has been given that Xiaomi could not move forward in the premium segment very fast. Reuters’s Report According to , till 2 years ago, the figure of sales in the segment below Rs 8 thousand was close to 41%, which has now come down to 26%. That is, now the customer is not buying much of the low budget phone.

On the other hand, on the contrary, now the sales in the premium segment have increased by double digit percentage. Within the last 2 years, this segment has seen a growth of 11%. It has been said about Xiaomi that the brand mostly focuses on budget friendly devices. Whereas Samsung’s focus has been more on midrange high end models. For example, in 2022, the company launched 16 premium handsets while Xiaomi launched only 6 handsets in this category.

Statistics show that the sale of Xiaomi’s premium phones is only 1%. Whereas Samsung 13% of premium phones are sold. Apart from this, the Chinese company is also facing challenges from the government. The government seized Xiaomi’s $ 670 million fund. According to the report, Apple can also be seen growing like Samsung in the coming times. Because Apple is now mostly focusing on making premium smartphones. <!–


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