Samsung Space Zoom Controversy User Accused Company Adding Artificial Effect of Moon on Images All Details

Samsung has been accused of misleading users with the Space Zoom feature on its recently launched Galaxy S series smartphones. Let us tell you that this feature claims to capture high resolution pictures of the moon. The feature was first added to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and has since been introduced in all ‘Ultra’ models. However, a user has claimed that the South Korean company has misrepresented the feature and how it works while marketing the smartphone.

On Reddit on Saturday, a user Doktor Bülder (Reddit, Instagram: ibreakphotos) cited a 2021 MSPoweruser article in a post that claimed Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra But the pictures clicked using the 100x Space Zoom feature are artificially tuned. A Reddit user claimed to have tested the feature on a digital photo of the moon, showing that Samsung’s Space Zoom feature adds detail to blurry photos, even those that were too blurry or not visible. The post currently has over 10,000 upvotes and over 1,100 comments on the platform.

To prove his claim, the Reddit user downloaded a photo of the moon and applied a blur effect to it, then opened the photo on his computer monitor and clicked a photo of it with his Samsung Galaxy S-Series Ultra model. The user also shared a screen recording of the process, which shows details like craters and other dark areas being added to the lunar surface in the final image. The user even edited a part of the picture, enhancing the highlights so that it highlights a white blob, but still the phone applied the AI-based effect.

A similar feature on the Huawei P30 Pro also came under controversy, with claims that the feature overlayed other pictures of the moon over the moon shot taken by it. However, to the contrary, Samsung’s Space Zoom feature has been claimed to capture images of the Moon and use Artificial Intelligence (AI). Apart from this, it has been said that machine learning technology works to enhance the details in the photos. However, a Reddit user claims that Samsung is also adding texture to the pictures of the Moon.

Let us tell you that in 2021 Samsung MSPoweruser Article responded, stating that the company’s Space Zoom feature was using AI to detect photos when they were being previewed by users, testing it against the company’s AI model. If the camera successfully detects the subject as the moon, it enhances the photos to reduce noise and blur.

From the company’s previous response, it is clear that Samsung has already claimed that the company is adding details to the photos using ML and AI, due to which more details are visible in the photo of the moon. At present, the company has not issued a statement in response to the Reddit user’s claim.<!–