Samsung’s entry and mid-range smartphones will also be waterproof, starting with Galaxy A33!

In the smartphone market, especially in China, there are Chinese brands on the one hand, while on the other hand, the South Korean company Samsung alone is competing with them. Now Samsung is gearing up to compete against Chinese smartphone giants like Xiaomi and OPPO in the mid and low-end segment as well. Samsung is preparing to strengthen its position in the low and mid range segment through one of its special features. This information has come out in a report.

One of TheElec Report As per reports, Samsung, one of the world’s largest smartphone companies thanks to its flagship devices, is looking to cement the position by introducing waterproofing functions to its mid- and low-end smartphones from next year.

This decision of Samsung can also be seen as a dual solution. This will help the company to make headway in mid and low range smartphones. At the same time, the process of back cover production of smartphones will be simplified and its cost can also be reduced. In return, a powerful feature like waterproofing will also be highlighted.

Currently, the company offers the waterproof feature on the Galaxy S21 and some high-mid range devices. According to the report, Samsung’s upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy A33, which is rumored to launch in January next year, will be the first phone in the new category to be equipped with a waterproof feature. However, it is too early to say that the phone will have the same IP68 rating as the Galaxy S21.

IP, also known as ingress protection, is a worldwide accepted measurement against dust and liquids. This rating is seen in smartphones and smartwatches. Devices with an IP68 rating are considered fit to withstand dust, dirt and sand. Devices that get this rating can stay underwater up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes without damage.

Samsung has decided to simplify the production process for smartphone back covers next year and change the number of injections and coatings from 2 to 1. Injection is the process of molding plastic, whereas in coating, the product is colored with the help of spray paint.