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You must have often seen a war of words between the cricketer and the cricketer on social media. Many times, you must have seen the players openly while stopping the speaking of the fans. But you have rarely seen or heard a player arguing with his fans by giving a personal message. But, recently some screenshots of similar personal messages made by Sanjay Manjrekar are becoming increasingly viral on social media. that Ravindra Jadeja In relation to (Ravindra Jadeja).

Former cricketer caught in controversies again

It is a matter of time before the Cricket World Cup in the year 2019, when there was a verbal war on social media between Sanjay Manjrekar and Team India’s star player Ravindra Jadeja. During this, the former cricketer, using the term bits and pieces for the current all-rounder, called him a half-finished player. On this the star bowlers were badly infuriated.

At that time, the all-rounder gave a befitting reply by pointing to the commentary box after playing a brilliant half-century in the semi-final match against New Zealand. Not only this, Jadeja had also slammed Manjrekar in his own words through a tweet. Responding to the tweet, the spinner wrote that, ‘Yet I have played twice as many matches as you and am still playing. Learn to respect those who have achieved something. I have heard enough of your verbal diarrhea.

Screenshot of cricketer’s message went viral

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The fans have not been able to forget this controversy till date, that now again the former cricketer has become the target of the people. In fact, during the conversation, he has been seen making fun of Jadeja’s English. Recently, a Twitter user named Suryanarayan has posted screenshots of the comments of the former cricketer. In which he is seen making many types of comments about Jadeja. In which he is also saying that he (all-rounder) does not understand English. This issue has arisen at a time when he refused to call Ashwin a great cricketer.

The former cricketer said such a thing in the chat

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In the person chat going viral, first there is talk about Ashwin. In which a Twitter user named Suryanarayan writes, ‘And I do not even want to say anything.’ In reply, Sanjay Manjrekar wrote, ‘Good because it is very difficult to reach the heights on which I am.’ The user again wrote in response, ‘What heights are you talking about? Because the height at which you have reached, you are falling from there giving yourself the wrong opinion towards some players.

In the position you are in, people expect good talk and people to focus on their game. But its opposite is happening. (People like Jadeja call your input verbal diarrhoea.) Now I guess you can’t see it. Or if you see it, ignore it. Then maybe you should take the full criticism because you are not doing anything different.

Jadeja doesn’t understand English: Former Indian cricketer

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Responding to this message of Suryanarayan, Sanjay Manjrekar writes that, ‘You are in a bad condition. Like myself, you are asking me to worship the players. Well, I’m not a fan. I am an analyst. And Jadeja does not know English, so he does not know the exact meaning of bits and pieces. And it is a sure thing that someone must have spoken the word verbal diarrhea for it.’ In the reply, Suryanarayan wrote, ‘Wow, how low will you fall? I end here.’

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