Sanjay Manjrekar’s statement on Jasprit Bumrah’s anger

South Africa Sanjay Manjrekar has given a big statement regarding the debate between Marco Yansin and Bumrah on the third day of the Johannesburg Test match being played in Mumbai. This Indian fast bowler was seen very calm on the field of play. But, since the tour of England, his forward form has also been seen which is quite surprising. Let us also tell you about what former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar has said about this.

Manjrekar made a big statement on the debate between Bumrah and Yansin

Actually fast bowler Jassi’s name has been counted among quiet players. But, on the third day of the second Test against South Africa, he was seen having a verbal war with bowler Marco on the field. This whole series started when fast bowler Marco Yansin was putting bouncer balls to Jasprit Bumrah. Due to which Bumrah lost his cool. After this he called African bowling something after which both came face to face.

In view of the increasing debate between the two players, the umpire defended the matter and pacified both of them. There was a lot of discussion about this matter too. But, when Sanjay Manjrekar, who was talking to ESPN Cricinfo, was asked about this nature of Jasprit Bumrah, he answered it in his own style. At the same time, he also says that he liked it absolutely there.

I did not like this side of Bumrah – Former cricketer

Sanjay manjrejar on Jasprit Bumrah

Talking to Cricinfo, former cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar said,

“It is quite an interesting thing. This happened with Bumrah in England too but, I don’t like this side of Bumrah. I don’t want to see this thing of his. I love it when Jasprit Bumrah answers it with a smile even when the matter is very heated, it is quite spectacular.

On the third day of the game, Yansin welcomed Jasprit Bumrah with some bouncer balls. During this, he tried to play a pull shot, on which he could not succeed and many times the balls hit his shoulder as well. After which Bumrah said something to the bowler on this and he came out of the crease. The bowler Yansin also came from the front.

Meanwhile, the on-field umpire and some players also came to the rescue and got the two separated. However, after this whole matter, Yansin caught Bumrah on the ball of Lungi Ngidi and after scoring 7 runs, Jassi returned to the pavilion.