Satish Shah was troubled by this act of Shahrukh Khan! Had made up my mind to leave ‘Main Hoon Na’

Satish Shah: Satish Shah played the role of a spitting professor in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Main Hoon Na. Satish Shah has narrated an unheard story related to his act.

Mumbai: Actor Satish Shah He has been active in the entertainment industry for a long time. The actor has won everyone over with his performance. He has worked in many big films to the credit of big stars. Satish Shah remembering old things recently Shahrukh Khan Narrated an anecdote related to. Satish Shah worked with Shah Rukh Khan in the film ‘Main Hoon Na’. In this film, Satish Shah played the role of a college professor. Who had the habit of spitting while talking.

It was very difficult for Satish to play this character. It was not so easy to spit before speaking every dialogue. After seeing his act, people even started calling him a spitting cobra. Satish Shah had to take a lot of tax for each scene. However, Shahrukh Khan was also a reason behind this. Actually Shah told that he used to practice a lot before starting spitting shots. But Shahrukh always used to spoil his shot by laughing in between.

Recently, during one of his interviews, Satish Shah told that he used to drink water before starting every shot. He used to keep the water around his mouth. So that as soon as he spoke a word, water kept coming out like a spray. So that everyone starts spitting. According to Satish Shah, when he had to do a scene scolding Shahrukh, Shahrukh troubled him a lot. He said that he used to work very hard, but Shahrukh used to spoil that scene by laughing.

After Shahrukh’s laugh, Satish had to take retakes again and again and for that one scene he took 8 retakes. There used to be laughter on everyone’s face on the set, due to which he had a lot of trouble in doing that act. Shah further added that Shah Rukh laughed after the eighth shot, but it was rectified with Zayed’s insert shot. Let me tell you, two characters were offered to Shah for this film. One of the principal and the other of the spitting professor.