SBI gave these special tips to customers for safe banking, will not be victims of fraud

Along with the increase in online transactions during the pandemic, cybercrime is also increasing rapidly. With these tips, you will be able to avoid cheating

How to avoid online fraud

The compulsion to work from home due to the epidemic has increased manifold in digital banking, due to which fraudsters have also been attracted towards it. This is the reason that from the government to the bank, people are constantly issuing warnings about such fraudsters. However, still many people constantly get caught in the circle of these fraudsters. Actually, fraudsters are constantly adopting new ways, due to which people get cheated, although SBI has advised people that they can secure their money by taking care of these few simple things.

When searching website for the first time

What to do: Always type the verified URL of your bank on the address bar and only then go to the website. While searching the website for the first time, crosscheck the name of the bank, financial institution, company name, logo etc. Close the page if there is even the slightest doubt.

what not to do, Do not click on links sent through any message or email, such links can directly lead you to the trap of fraudsters.

Protecting your computer and gadgets

What to doUse anti virus on your gadget and computer. And keep scanning your mobile phone and computer from time to time. So that if a virus has entered your system by mistake, then you can get information about it.

what not to do: Do not download files received from unknown people. Stay away from unknown apps. Do not download anything in computer or mobile without scanning it.

Password Management

What to do: Change your passwords at regular intervals. Make passwords that are absolutely unique. At the same time, keep the mobile number updated in the bank accounts so that there is no problem in getting the one time password. Also, if someone else is trying to withdraw money from your account, then you can come to know about it immediately and you should be alert.

what not to do: Do not reveal your password to anyone under any circumstances. According to SBI, no bank employee asks you for password or OTP information.

Internet usage mode

What to do: Always remember the date and time of your last login and while logging in, check the previous login and see if your account has been opened without your knowledge.

what not to do: Avoid using Shared PC, Free Wi-Fi Cyber ​​Cafe, Public Wi-Fi to login to your bank account or for transactions. Be careful if you have to.

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