‘Scary map’ of attack on Ukraine surfaced, Russia can attack without any warning! The British Ministry of Defense has released

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: This week a fleet of 60 helicopters reached Crimea, where 40,000 Russian troops have been deployed.

Truck (AFP) carrying the S-400 missile system for military exercises in Belarus

Britain (Britain) of the Ministry of Defense of the Russia-Ukraine crisis (Russia-Ukraine Crisis) But a big disclosure has been made. It has a map (Russia-Ukraine Attack Map) has told that Russia (Russia) After all how Ukraine (Ukraine) can attack without warning. The military chiefs share seven key locations, which are used by the Kremlin (Kremlin) Under the first phase, the army can attack Ukraine. Along with the ground attack, Russia’s second phase of attacks has also been highlighted.

According to the British government, Russian troops can enter Ukraine from Russia, Belarus or Crimea before traveling to the cities of Odessa or Vinnytsia. Russia maintains a significant military presence, which can strike without warning, officials said tonight. The ministry spokesman said, the map shows where Russian President Vladimir Putin can attack. The spokesman further said that Putin can still choose to stop the dispute and make peace.

Russia Ukraine

Map released by the British Ministry of Defense ([email protected])

Russian soldiers moving towards Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has insisted that the tank unit of the Russian army is retreating from the border. However, senior military sources say that the troops are still on the move. Several pictures of additional armored vehicles, helicopters and a field hospital have emerged as they move towards the borders of Ukraine. This assessment is based on secret intelligence from MI6, CIA, spy planes, satellites and secret agents. The US has also told the UN Security Council that Russia has deployed 1.5 lakh troops along the Ukrainian border and is planning an attack at any time.

Russian separatists attacked the school

Meanwhile, this week a fleet of 60 helicopters arrived in Crimea, where 40,000 Russian troops are stationed. 30 thousand soldiers who arrived for military exercises in Belarus are ready to attack at any time. Sources say that there is reason to believe that the Russians are engaged in a false attack, as this would give them an excuse to attack Ukraine. On the other hand, Russian-backed separatists have already attacked a nursery school in Ukraine, injuring three people. According to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), there were several shelling incidents on the front lines in the Donbass region on Thursday morning.

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