School Innovation Council: School Innovation Council launched to meet the challenges of 2047, know what are its benefits

Benefits of the School Innovation Council

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SIC Launch: School Innovation Council (SIC) has been started. SICs in schools have been established to uphold the National Policy on Education (NEP 2020). The aim of which is to make children innovative for the future.

School Innovation Council: Innovation Cell (MIC) of Union Ministry of Education, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Central Board of Secondary Education ,CBSE, has jointly started the School Innovation Council (SIC). Along with this, more than 12,800 school teachers were recognized as Innovation Ambassadors across India. School Innovation Council (sic) It is actually an initiative for better education of India, which aims to create a conducive environment for innovation and entrepreneurial along with schools.

Every child should be ready for the challenges of the future

In its statement, the ministry said, “The establishment of SICs in schools is a part of the National Education Policy. (NEP 2020) There is a move to promote ideology, different thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship at the school education level in a sustainable manner. Anita Karwal, Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry said, “The demographic segment we talk about is available till 2047. We don’t know what the challenges are in the future and that is why it is very important that every child is not only creative but also always ready for innovation.”

He added, “We have to go beyond school books, which are a way to develop new abilities.” Karwal urged parents and teachers to bring children closer to what is happening around them and participate in everything that encourages and develops their abilities and skills. Along with the education of the children, it has been started to develop their skills. Which will play an important role in the coming times.

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Functions of the School Innovation Council

He said that the new National Curriculum framework will introduce a very short, but essential curriculum, so that children can develop 21st century skills apart from studies. Even within the school children, all these things will develop along with the bookish knowledge. Innovation should be encouraged in the classrooms and examinations should be conducted in a way that is not based on memorization.