Scientists claim there are invisible walls in space!

The world of space is full of mysteries and scientists come to know something new about space every day. Efforts are being made to unveil its layers by the use of technology. Now scientists have said that walls can also exist in space. However, these are not the same walls as any other room. Rather, they exist as a blockage in space. Scientists believe that a fourth force may be involved in creating them, which may be the result of a new particle called a symmetron. The presence of this force in space will help scientists to uncover the events about which they were troubled till now.

At the moment, we use the lambda cold matter model to understand our space. This model says that smaller galaxies move around in the disordered orbits of larger galaxies. But according to the new study, in fact, many of the smaller galaxies that orbit the larger galaxies are laid out in a thin flat disc-like shape similar to the rings of Saturn. This arrangement can only exist if there are invisible walls in the space that can challenge the lambda model.

In other words, these small satellite galaxies are pulled into flat panels by the gravity of the larger galaxies. Whereas the lambda model says that they live in scattered orbits of large galaxies. These smaller galaxies have been observed in synced orbits in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and in neighboring galaxies. However, this new study by researchers at the University of Nottingham has given a new explanation. this pre-print server arXiv available through They call this the First Potential New Physics Explanation. It suggests that Symmetrons can create invisible walls in space.

Still, this study is only a proof of concept. To prove that walls exist in space, scientists must first prove that symmetrons exist. This will require NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, which should be ready for scientific observations this summer.



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