Scientists Find World’s Oldest Fossil Gnat From 247 Million Years Ago

Scientists have found a fossil 24.7 million years old which has been found in the form of a mosquito (species related to mosquitoes). It has been found in Mallorca, Spain. This is a fossil of the larva of this organism, which is even before the extinction of life on earth a few million years ago. That is, this fossil is believed to be older than the time of dinosaurs. Not only this, by studying it, scientists have also tried to know how its digestive system would have been and how it would have breathed.

this study Wiley Online Library In published has been done which tells about this fossil. Finding such an old fossil is very important in itself. of our partner website Report According to the study, it has been said that with this, scientists can be able to know that when about 80 percent of the species were destroyed from the earth millions of years ago, then how did the remaining 20 percent of the remaining species cope with that destruction. preserved and how they went ahead with life on earth.

This mite belongs to a group of insects called dipytrans. Flies, mosquitoes, small insects and mites fall into this group. Its larvae are said to have a resemblance to woodlice. It may have been breathing like modern insects. The specimen that was found earlier was also found in France. But that was a few million years behind. That is, this Kutki fossil can prove to be the oldest fossil ever.

Study researcher Joseph Jurez found it during a survey related to paleontology. It has been found in Mallorca in the North East. They found it as a complete larva. It is being said that when the rock broke into two parts, it left its mark i.e. print on both its sides.


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