Scientists have developed ‘Artificial Intelligence’ tool to fight against Corona, can be useful in the treatment of patients

Artificial Intelligence Tool to Treat Covid-19 Patients: A team of international scientists has developed an artificial intelligence tool that can predict the amount of extra oxygen a hospitalized Kovid-19 patient will need. To ascertain the accuracy of the artificial intelligence equipment, it was tested in several hospitals across five continents. Under the study, the oxygen falling within 24 hours of the patient’s arrival in the emergency department was estimated.

The results and analysis of a study conducted on about 10,000 Kovid-19 patients worldwide were published on Thursday in the journal Nature Medicine. Under this technique, a mathematical method was used to analyze chest X-rays and electronic health data of hospitalized patients with symptoms of Covid-19. After this, the analysis was combined to create an Artificial Intelligence tool.

Tool can be very useful in hospitals

Professor Fiona Gilbert of the University of Cambridge, who led the study, said, “This method of collectively understanding shared inference models has made artificial intelligence innovations useful for hospitals.” Ittai Dion, the study’s first author, said, “Usually in the development of artificial intelligence, when you put the data together, it doesn’t work well for any other hospital.”

Data collected from all continents

Collecting data from all continents (Study on Coronavirus), the study took just two weeks to produce high-quality estimates. How long it will be used in hospitals, it is not clear yet. But it has become so clear from the study that it will help a lot in treatment. Let us tell you that the vaccine against the corona virus (Covid-19 Vaccines) is being implemented all over the world, but still in many parts, cases are increasing due to new variants of the virus. Efforts are also being made to find effective ways to deal with the disease. So that the disease can be defeated as soon as possible.

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