Screening of Pathan will lead to consequences, police security beefed up in many areas of Maharashtra after warning to theater owners

In Maharashtra including Mumbai, on one hand, Shah Rukh Khan has made a strong comeback in the film Pathan, and on the other hand, in areas like Sangli, Miraj, Ichalkaranji, Bajrang Dal has asked theater owners to stop the screening of the film.


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Sangli: In different cities and districts of Maharashtra like Sangli, Miraj, Ichalkaranji Pathan Protests have intensified regarding the film. to theater owners Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers of shahrukh khan movie pathan asked to stop the demonstration. The theater owners have been threatened with dire consequences for not heeding the warning. Considering these warnings maharashtra police Has sent notices to workers and office bearers of Hindutva organization like Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Along with this, police security has been increased outside the theatres.

Let us tell you that the film Pathan starring Shah Rukh Khan, Dapika Padukone and John Abraham has been released today (January 25, Wednesday). On one hand there is protest against its screening and on the other hand Shahrukh Khan made a comeback in the first day screening of Pathan film and there is a lot of enthusiasm in the audience to watch the film.

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Shahrukh fans book entire theater in Sangli, celebrate in Amravati

Ticket booking is full in most of the theatres. Shahrukh’s fans have booked the entire theater named Auram Cinema in Sangli. People are fast booking the next show. Cinematographers have celebrated the film Pathan outside the theater in Amravati.

In Mumbai also VHP distanced itself from protesting against the film Pathan.

Here in Mumbai, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has decided not to oppose the film Pathan. Mumbai VHP Joint Secretary Shraraj Nair said that keeping in mind the earlier objections, the changes made in the film are correct. After watching the film, if we find anything objectionable, we will reconsider opposing the film.

This is how Bajrang Dal opposed the screening of the film today

Earlier, Bajrang Dal activists and office bearers reached theaters in areas like Sangli, Miraj, Ichalkaranji and asked theater owners to stop the screening of Pathan film and warned of fierce protests if they did not do so. In a similar incident, Bajrang Dal workers had reached a theater located in Vijay Nagar, Sangli, and then, showing readiness, a police team from Vishrambaug police station immediately reached there and removed the obstacles coming in the screening of the film in the theatre.

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Similarly, Bajrang Dal workers appeared aggressive in Pune as well. Two days ago, Bajrang Dal workers tore posters outside Rahul Cinema. Shahrukh Khan’s fans had put up these posters outside the theatre. Bajrang Dal workers reached the theater and started insisting on its removal. In this way these posters were removed from there.