Seeing the beautiful picture of the universe, you will be floored, see hundreds of galaxies flickering in the eyes of NASA

Cluster of Galaxies: The US space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) releases astonishing pictures of the day, increasing the eagerness of people to know about this area. These pictures are revealing many such secrets, about which there has been a curiosity to know for centuries. Now NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured such a picture, in which the entire cluster (cluster) of the galaxy (galaxy) can be seen. This picture is from the Galaxy Cluster Abell 3827 (Abell 3827). In this picture, hundreds of different sizes and sizes of galaxies can be seen, which are about 1.4 billion light years away from the Earth.

In the midst of this is the elliptical ESO 146-5 Galaxy, which is known as the largest galaxy in the universe due to its strong gravitational lensing effect (Picture of Galaxies). To release this picture, the light coming from four different wavelengths was captured and then interlinked. The Hubble Telescope has used the Advanced Camera for Survey (ACS) and the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) to capture this picture.


Galaxy Photo – ESA / Hubble and NASA

What did astronomers previously believe?

The European Space Agency (ESA), which published the picture, wrote, ‘If you look at this Culster (group) of thousands of galaxies, it is surprising to remember that until some 100 years ago, many astronomers thought that our brahmad The Milky Way is the only Galaxy in (Hubble Space Telescope Picutres). There has already been much debate over the existence of other galaxies, until Edwin Hubble confirmed that the Great Andromeda Nebula (the name of the galaxy) is also located far enough away to be part of the Milky Way . ‘

Why is Abel 3827 the most discussed?

Abel 3827 is also the choice of astronomers because it is believed that dark matter is contained in it. That is, a kind of invisible mass. In common language, there is a lot in our universe, which has not yet been discovered, whose secrets are still being discovered by scientists. This is called Dark Matter. Scientists say that 85 percent of the universe is made up of substances, about which scientists have not been able to find out. The Hubble Telescope was launched in 1990, so far it has taken 1.5 million photos of about 48 thousand stars, planets and galaxies.

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