Sensational disclosure of America, Russia will run a campaign of ‘killing and arrest’ of people after the occupation of Ukraine, Putin prepares ‘killer’ list

Russia Killer List: A US report has claimed that Russia is preparing a list of people who will either be killed or arrested after the occupation of Ukraine.

US report claims Russia is making killer list

Image Credit source: AFP

War in Ukraine (Ukraine Russia ConflictUS intelligence agencies have made a big claim amid the growing threat of US spies have received information that Russia is preparing a plan to target anti-Russian leaders living there after the occupation of Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin on target of RussiaRussian President Vladimir PutinActivists campaigning against corruption, rebels from Belarus and Russia living in exile are also included. Russia (Russia) will either kill these people or arrest them. Earlier, US President Joe Biden also said that the risk of Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased and it could happen in the coming days or weeks.

american magazine foreign policy According to four people familiar with US intelligence, Russia has drafted a list of Ukrainian political figures and other prominent figures who will be either arrested or assassinated. The fifth person, a US official, said on condition of anonymity that the US is trying to prevent such critical information from reaching specific groups within Ukraine and that this information will be supported by Ukrainian government officials and other partners. to be shared. The spokesman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has not said anything in this matter.

Russia has conducted deadly operations in the past too

“As we have seen in the past, we believe that Russia will try to influence countries’ cooperation through intimidation and repression,” the US official said on condition of anonymity. Russia has been doing target killings in the past as part of its operations, it kidnaps or forcibly disappears people, keeps them in custody and tortures people. Especially those people are targeted, so the Russians oppose the action. These people include dissidents from Russia and Belarus, who are living in Ukraine. The official said Russia targets journalists, anti-corruption activists, religious and ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+ people.

America expressed surprise on the list

The US has expressed surprise about this list, because it includes all those who oppose the Russian agenda. Five Eyes Intelligence Partners has also tracked Russian intelligence agencies such as the FSB and GRU. An official said that Russia and Belarus had taken massive action in the year 2020 on people who were dissatisfied with the government. Due to which these people fled to Ukraine to save their lives. Unlike Ukrainian citizens, these people require a visa to travel to other countries in Europe. Let us tell you that Russia has deployed more than one lakh soldiers on the borders with Ukraine. Other Western countries, including the US, say that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time.

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