Serena Williams changed the game for her daughter, left tennis and became the coach of this game

Serena Williams is counted among the greatest tennis players in the world. She has 23 Grand Slam titles as well as 4 Olympic gold medals in the women’s singles category.

Serena Williams is counted among the world’s greatest tennis players. (File Pic)

When Serena Williams’ name is taken, it will be said that she is a great tennis player. Of America Serena She has won 23 Grand Slams in the women’s category. He had recently said goodbye to the game and now this player is seen in a new color. Serena has taken up the responsibility of coaching but this sport is not tennis but football.

Serena took her daughter Olympia to football practice and became her coach there. Serena has posted a post on her Instagram and told about her different experience. Serena told that her daughter was very nervous and she was not ready to leave him.

So became assistant coach

Serena told that she played the role of assistant coach. This veteran told why he had to do this. Serena wrote on her Instagram, “True story. I brought Olympia to her first football practice session. She was very nervous and didn’t want to leave me. He needed an assistant coach again. So now, I am an assistant coach and clearly I was not ready for that. I just went there to have fun and returned like this. We had Lincoln bring us to practice. Today’s soccer mom.”

Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian are part of a group that has invested in Angel City FC. This team will participate in the National Women’s Soccer League. This club is at the eighth position after 21 matches in the 12-team points table.

Williams has retired

at the 2022 US Open Williams had said goodbye to tennis. This was his last tournament of professional tennis. He had put an end to a career of 27 years. During this, he also won four Olympic medals along with 23 Grand Slams. Williams had said about his retirement. “I need to stop.”

She said, “I always said that I want to quit playing tennis when I am playing good tennis and winning and beating good players. For me, it’s about the things I want to do spiritually and spend time with my daughter, family.”