shahid afridi jump into bcci vs pcb debate over asia cup 2023 say pakistan is not begging for hosting | Shahid Afridi showed eye to BCCI, said about Asia Cup – we are not pleading

Asia Cup is to be held next year and its hosting has come under the responsibility of Pakistan but BCCI has clearly said that if the tournament is held in Pakistan then Team India will not play.

Shahid Afridi has attacked India regarding the Asia Cup. (File Pic)

The ongoing debate between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) regarding the Asia Cup to be held next year is increasing day by day. Both of them have adopted a tough tone on this issue. BCCI Secretary Jai Shah has made it clear that if the Asia Cup is held in Pakistan then Team India will not participate in it. After this, PCB chairman Rameez Raja gave his response. Now former captain of Pakistan Shahid Afridi have also jumped into it.

Rameez Raja had said that if India does not want to come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup then it should not come but the tournament will not be held elsewhere and if this happens then Pakistan will not participate in it again. Afridi also supported Rameez Raja’s talk in a way and has said something beyond this.

We are not pleading – Afridi

When Afridi was asked about the tussle and rhetoric between the BCCI and the PCB regarding the Asia Cup, he said that cricket is the medium through which relations between the two countries improve, but his country did not beg to host the Asia Cup. Used to be.

Afridi said, “India-Pakistan relations have always improved because of cricket. Indian people want to see Pakistan playing cricket in India. It is not that we do not have hosting rights and we are begging for hosting. We honestly got the hosting rights. If India doesn’t want to come, then don’t come. If the hosting of the Asia Cup is taken away from Pakistan, then we will be the country to withdraw from this tournament.

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India and Pakistan Cricket teams have not toured each other’s country for a long time. Bilateral series has not been played between these two for a long time. Pakistan last toured India in 2012-13. This was the last bilateral series between these two teams. The entire cricket world is anxious to see the match between India and Pakistan and these two teams play against each other only in ICC tournaments or Asia Cup.