Shamima had joined ISIS at the age of 15, then married a terrorist, now wants to fight against ‘terrorism’

ISIS Bride Shamima Begum: Bangladeshi-origin Shamima Begum, who moved from London to Syria at the age of 15 to join the Islamic State (ISIS), has said she “heartily apologizes” for her actions. He has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to give him a chance to face the British justice system. 22-year-old Shamima said these things in her first interview for the ‘Goodmorning Britain’ program on Wednesday from the Ali Rose refugee camp in Syria.

She said she was willing to accept any punishment provided her case was tried in a British court and that she would “would rather die than go back to ISIS”. Shamima has also offered help in combating terrorism in the UK. He insisted that it was framed and exploited and facts were manipulated (Shamima Begum Appeal). Her role in the terrorist organization was only that of ‘mother and wife’.

Told why associated with ISIS

Shamima said, ‘The reason I came to Syria was not violence. At that time I did not know that this is the way to death. My view was that this is the Muslim community that I had come to join. On her claim of having links to terrorist activities, she said, ‘I wish to go to court and face those who have made these claims and refute those claims because I know that the Islamic State has I did nothing but remained there in the role of mother and wife. These claims were made to make me look bad as the government has nothing against me.

British citizenship was revoked

While giving the interview, Shamima was seen in the cap and western clothes worn during the baseball game. She denied the allegations of removing the hijab to get into the limelight. Significantly, Shamima had gone to Syria in 2015 to join the Islamic State (Shamima Begum in Syria). She was studying in school at the time and after a complicated legal battle her British citizenship was revoked by the then Home Minister Sajid Javid.

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