Shark Tank India: The anger of the shark erupted on the pitcher, Aman Gupta said – don’t be over smart

Shark Tank India Season 2 is becoming very viral on social media. This year the sharks involved in the show have become even tougher.

Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta

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Shark Tank India Season 2 judge Anupam Mittal has reprimanded the owners of Pitcher Blue Tea brand who appeared on the show on National TV. On ‘lying’ by the pitchers of Blue Tea brand, Anupam Mittal said, ‘You are doing drama’. shark tank india Has become one of the most loved reality shows of Indian television. The makers of the show have increased the drama a bit this season. Due to which the public keeps a close watch on this show and the audience does not miss any episode of the show.

Anupam Mittal is one of those sharks who pays attention to everything related to the show and openly puts forth his point of view be it the people, the brands or the pitchers who come on the show. This time, during a recent episode, Anupam Mittal was seen reprimanding the pitchers of Blue Tea brand for giving wrong information.

Anupam said gimmick

It all started when Nitesh Singh and Sunil Saha, the co-founders of Blue Tea, claimed during their pitch that they were the world’s first blue tea brand. Anupam proves that his claims are false as branded blue tea is available in many places in America. After which Anupam calls the pitchers a gimmick.. The pitchers try to explain that blue tea is available in the world. But people sell it as vendor and they are the first brand of blue tea to come into existence.

Citing the example of Anupam’s own matrimonial website, Pitcher said, “Sir, marriages were happening earlier also. But the way you branded it..” But Anupam interrupted him saying, “Brother, don’t do all this tigdam.” After this, talking about the sale of Blue Tea brand, Anupam asked him the reason for not selling for the last three months. In response to which Sunil tells how people are going to buy it offline. They further claim that their herbal tea is top rated on Amazon. On which Aman Gupta also raises the question that “Why didn’t Pitchers do enough marketing of their product on Amazon?”

Aman Gupta scolded

Responding to Aman Gupta, the pitchers said that this is why they have come on Shark Tank. After hearing this answer, Aman gets angry and says, “Brother, you are smart, don’t be over smart.” Nitesh Singh could not say anything clearly about his packaging and production. So the sharks backed out of the deal and Amit Jain started claiming, “You are lying.”

Anupam got angry

After Anupam listens to him, he gets a simple answer from you. A lot of hard work has to be done. Don’t try to impress us. Of course do good pitching but along with that answer our questions properly. We did not sit here for spectacle. You twisted the whole conversation so much that I could not come to what I wanted to ask.

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Eventually the deal was sealed at Rs 50 lakh for 3% equity and Rs 25 lakh at 12% interest with a valuation of Rs 16.67 crore.