She was not weak…she was brainwashed, Kangana got emotional after reading Shraddha’s letter

Kangana On shraddha Murder Case: Actress Kangana Ranaut has given her response on Shraddha Murder Case. Kangana has shared a post on Instagram, after reading which you will also become emotional.


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Kangana Ranaut On Shraddha Walker Latter: The Shraddha Walker murder case has shaken the entire nation. Everyone is surprised that how can a lover become such a monster. New revelations are happening every day in the Shraddha murder case. The police got hold of a letter written by Shraddha in 2020. On which Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has expressed her anger. Kangana became so emotional after reading Shraddha’s letter that she shared a heart-wrenching statement by sharing a post on her Insta story.

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Kangana got emotional after reading Shraddha Walker’s letter

Kangana has written- “This is the letter that Shraddha wrote in 2020 to request the police for help. He had told that Aftab always used to scare him and used to threaten to cut him into pieces. He used to blackmail her. Despite all this, he did not know how he brainwashed Shraddha and brought her to Delhi with him.

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Kangana shared a painful story

Kangana has further written in her Insta story- ‘We all know that this was done by ‘promising marriage’ with him. She was not weak. She was a girl, who was born to live in this world. But, unfortunately she was a woman and she had a woman’s heart. Whose natural tendency is to protect and heal wounds. Women are like earth, inside which there is no discrimination for anyone. In which there is a sense of belonging that embraces them all, whether one deserves it or not.

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she wasn’t weak, she was brainwashed

The pain did not stop here in Kangana’s Insta story, she has further written- ‘She was such a girl who believed in fairy tales. He felt that the world needed his love. She was a goddess who had the powers to heal wounds. She was not weak at all, she was a girl who lived in a fairy tale. She was trying to fight the demon inside her hero in the story of her dreams. We all know that in love we become very happy. She went to great lengths to kill the demons, but the hero wanted the demons to win and that’s what happened.

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Please tell that Kangana Ranaut speaks openly on every issue. Kangana is often in headlines because of her statements. In this post, Kangana has described the pain of a woman. This post of Kangana is very emotional which is becoming increasingly viral.