Sherdil-The Pilibhit Saga Review: In front of Pankaj Tripathi’s acting, the story of the film got lost…

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Sherdil-The Pilibhit Saga Review in Hindi: Pankaj Tripathi is seen holding this film firmly like a leader. If it is said that he alone has done the work of taking this film forward on his shoulder, then it will not be wrong to say that.

Movie – Sherdil : The Pilibhit Saga

Cast – Pankaj Tripathi, Sayani Gupta, Akshay Kapoor, Neeraj Kabi

Director – Srijit Mukherjee

Where can I watch it – In cinemas…

Rating – 3/5

Pankaj Tripathi Sherdil-The Pilibhit Saga: Pankaj Tripathi The audience was eagerly waiting for the starrer film ‘Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga’ and this wait of the audience is over today. Pankaj Tripathi’s Sherdil has knocked in theaters today i.e. on June 24. There is a scene in this Srijit Mukherjee film, where Pankaj Tripathi aka Gangaram tells a villager – we are both, fearless and leader too… We shared this dialogue with you because like this dialogue Pankaj Tripathi is a leader. Like, he has been seen holding this film firmly. If it is said that he alone has done the work of taking this film forward on his shoulder, then it will not be wrong to say that. If you are planning to watch this film, then once read the review of this film here…

What is the story of the film?

Gangaram, who is the sarpanch of his village, reaches a government office to solve the problem of his village. The two biggest problems of Gangaram’s village are hunger and wild animals attacking their fields. Sitting in the government office, he tells the villagers that what the plan is, is the Bhandara’s prasad, opened the drawer, held it in your hand and said Jai Mata Di…

Hearing this, as soon as Gangaram leaves the room, his eyes are fixed on an announcement printed on the notice board. After reading that manifesto, a thought comes to his mind. It was written in that manifesto that if a man becomes a victim of a tiger near the tiger reserve, then his family will be given a compensation of Rs 10 lakh. After reaching home, Gangaram tells his family that he is in advanced stage of cancer and has only three months to live. Gangaram does not want to let his death go by.

An idea comes to Gangaram’s mind that he will go into the forest and become the food of the tiger, so that in return for his death, the villagers will get 10 lakh rupees as compensation. When Gangaram’s wife Lajo aka Sayani Gupta comes to know about this, she opposes her husband’s idea. Eventually Gangaram steps into the forest to become food for the tiger, but there he meets Jim Ahmed aka Neeraj Kabi. There is a deal between the two, which gives a new twist to the story of the film. What is that twist and can Gangaram become the food of the tiger? You have to watch the movie to know this.


Best this story is real on Pilibhit Tiger release of Uttar Pradesh near Indo-Nepal border. Srijit Mukherjee has put the story of the film very well on paper, but he has failed to portray it well on this screen. Screenplay fails to make grip. The story seems a bit cumbersome to watch. If anyone has the biggest role in keeping the film tied, it is Pankaj Tripathi. The way he speaks his dialogues, he entertains the audience. The first part of the film seems quite drawn out, which makes it boring. However, when Neeraj Kabi enters, the film looks a bit entertaining.

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Talking about acting, Pankaj Tripathi has done a great job like every time. There are only those in the film, for whom this film can be seen. The way he speaks even during serious dialogue delivery, it seems quite funny. Pankaj is going to tickle you a lot with his one liners. At the same time, Neeraj Kabi’s acting is also good. The dialogues between Neeraj and Pankaj are quite interesting. Talking about Sayani Gupta, her acting is such, as if she is hardly remembered for this film. Pankaj’s wife Mridula is also in the film, but her presence is not visible.