Shiba Inu community and Huobi exchange will help in finding 1479 crore crypto theft from Bitmart

Crypto exchange ‘Bitmart’ has suffered a loss due to the theft of $196 million (approximately Rs 1,479 crore) stored in various cryptocurrencies. The Shiba Inu community and Huobi Global Exchange have come forward to help Bitmart trace and recover the stolen money. The stolen crypto tokens have gone into the wallets of unknown hackers masquerading as “Bitmart Hacker”. Both the Shib community and Huobi exchange have tweeted in support of Bitmart during this difficult time.

In a post, Shiba Inu’s team wrote that it is trying to increase security around crypto assets and the community’s decentralized exchange ‘Shibaswap’.

The Huboi team, on the other hand, has stated that it will immediately contact the Bitmart team if any of the stolen assets are found to be recovered.