Shikhar Dhawan waits for ‘magic’ to return to Team India, talks about Gill too. Shikhar Dhawan replied On Shubman Gill Replacing Him In Indian ODI Team

New Delhi. Gabbar of the Indian team Shikhar Dhawan There are players who are never afraid to speak their heart out. Whatever is in their heart, is also on their tongue. The whole world is assuming that Dhawan is not going to return to the team due to the presence of young batsman Shubman Gill. Dhawan says that he is sure of his return but at the same time also believes that at present, Shubman Gill deserves to remain in Team India.

Shikhar Dhawan had captained the ODI team last year in the absence of Rohit Sharma, although with the return of Rohit, his leaf was cut from the team. As an opener, Rohit Sharma has got a good partner in Shubman Gill. Shikhar Dhawan also agrees with this.

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Dhawan himself is also a fan of Gill

Dhawan believes that he has been out of Team India for two years but such time comes in every player’s career. He has been playing only in ODI format for the last two years while Shubman Gill has scored centuries in all the three formats. Dhawan said in an interview that Shubman got a place in the team only on the basis of his good performance. Team India’s Gabbar further said that if he was the chief selector, he himself would have given Shubman Gill a chance in the team at this time. Shubman Gill is currently the reliable opener of the team. He has played a century in all three formats this year, including a double century in Test cricket.

Dhawan waiting for magic

Dhawan is expected to return to Team India. He hasn’t given up yet. This opener is waiting for magic to happen. Whenever this magic happens and he gets a place in the team, he will not let it go. Dhawan will be seen captaining the Punjab Kings in the IPL starting March 31. This player is proud of his role. He feels that captaining a team at any point in his career is a big deal.

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