Shilpa Shetty has been associated with controversies, from connection with the underworld to breaking the house.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty rules the hearts of fans on the basis of her acting, dancing and fitness. Shilpa has not appeared in films for a long time but now she is making her comeback with Hungama 2. Shilpa is one such actress who has been embroiled in controversies many times.

These days, Shilpa Shetty, who is seen as a judge in Super Dancer Chapter 4, has been in the headlines many times since her marriage to ‘Big Brother 5’ and her underworld connection. Let’s know some controversies of Shilpa Shetty

Raj’s ex-wife had accused

According to the news of News24, Shilpa came in the most headlines when she was accused of breaking the house. When Shilpa came close to Raj Kundra, Raj was already married. Raj divorced his first wife Kavita and married Shilpa. After the divorce, Kavita had made many serious allegations against Shilpa.

racist comment

Shilpa participated in the American reality TV show ‘Big Brother 5’. She made a racist remark on Shilpa in the show, after which she came into the limelight. Let us tell you that the contestant of the show JD Goody had made a racial remark on Shilpa Shetty, there was a lot of criticism in India after hearing this. However, Shilpa got sympathy from all over the world.

Shilpa’s connection to the underworld

Shilpa Shetty’s name has also come in connection with the underworld. In 2013, the actress was accused of underworld. Shilpa was in a lot of controversies at that time. However, it was said to be baseless by the family of the actress. It was said on behalf of Shilpa’s family that an attempt is being made to tarnish the image of the actress.

Was stunned about the photoshoot

Shilpa Shetty came into the limelight in 2006 as well. The reason for the actress coming into the limelight at that time was her bold photoshoot for the cover page of a Tamil magazine. After this photoshoot, there was controversy about the actress. A non-bailable warrant was issued against the actress in a court in Madurai for promoting obscenity.

With whom did you come into the limelight?

In 2007, Shilpa Shetty joined the awareness program for AIDS. Apart from Shilpa, Hollywood actor Richard Gere also reached this special program. Here suddenly Richard had publicly kissed Shilpa Shetty on the stage. Although there was a lot of uproar on this matter too.

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