Shilpa Shinde expressed displeasure, Bigg Boss winner is not happy about Madam Sir?

Shilpa Shinde entered the world of TV serials after a long time with Madam Sir. The fans were very happy with his comeback.

Shilpa Shinde expressed displeasure

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small screen actress Shilpa Shinde These days she is seen in SAB TV’s show Madam Sir. Shilpa’s character in police uniform is very much liked by the audience. But according to the reports of Times of India, Shilpa herself is not happy with her role in the show. Talking to this news paper about her character in Maddam Sir, Shilpa said, “I had a cameo in the show as Naina Mathur. I found the character of Naina very challenging. Due to which I said yes to work in this show.

Shilpa further says, “I went to the shoot only for a few days. After which I was asked to take a break. However, during the shooting of the show itself, I felt that now the show will be closed and the second season will be started. I was wondering what would be my character in the second season of the show. But now after getting the suggestion of taking a break like this, I feel that I will not be offered to be a part of the second season.

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Shilpa Shinde is confused

Shilpa further says, “I had also received an offer to work in a web show. But instead of working in it, I thought it better to be a part of Maddam Sir. But now after working for some time, I do not understand the decision to give me a break in the upcoming episodes. Makers also called me on the set several times. But no clarity has been made regarding the shoot.

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Know what the producer has to say

And according to Jai Mehta, the producer of Madam Sir, Shilpa had a cameo role in Madam Sir. Which was also liked by the audience a lot. In such a situation, it is obvious that his character will make a comeback in the show. However, right now we are considering bringing the next season of the show after finishing the new season. The new season of the show will be on air from the second week of February.