Shock trial of US aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford shook the sea, thousands of kilos of explosion caused 3.9 magnitude earthquake

USS Gerald R Ford Latest Update: The most dangerous weapon of the US Navy looks ready to shake the world. Its state-of-the-art aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford once again caused an earthquake in the sea during the trial. The second in-water shock trial of the US Navy aircraft has been completed. However, earlier it had to be stopped due to technical shortcomings.

On July 16, thousands of kilograms of bombs were detonated a few hundred meters from the USS Gerald R Ford. The explosion was so strong that strong earthquake tremors were felt. It became difficult for the people on the aircraft carrier to stand on their feet. Even a 3.9 magnitude earthquake was felt on the USS Gerald R Ford. Its first shock trial was done last month on June 18. At that time, a tsunami-like atmosphere was created in the sea off the coast of Florida.

There are three trials in total

The USS Gerald R Ford is scheduled to undergo a total of three shock trials. During the trials, the US Navy wants to test the combat capability of this aircraft carrier. All three blasts are to take place under water. That too near the ship. After each blast, crew members will examine all of Ford’s major ship systems. During the investigation, they will ensure that there is no damage to the ship due to the blast.

The second trial was to be held on July 1

Naval Maritime Systems Command spokeswoman Catherine Binfeng told Defense News, “Ford’s second shock shot was to take place on July 1. But it was not possible due to technical reasons. On July 1, two US Navy engineers attempted to detonate twice, but a vital device aboard the aircraft carrier’s auxiliaries failed. After this the trial took place on 16 July. He told that during the shock trial, the carrier was completely on track within the stipulated time.

‘Earthquake’ came on June 18

When the US Navy conducted Ford’s first in-water shock trial, an earthquake-like situation occurred in the Florida seas. The explosion was so strong that even people standing on the beach at a distance were shaken from their places.

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