SHOCKING: Johnny Depp Revealed – Actor is blind in one eye! have suffered physical abuse; Told the mother responsible?

Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp

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Referring to his blindness, Johnny Depp had earlier said that he is blind like Batman. The actor told Rolling Stone in 2013 that Depp could not see anything with his left eye.

Johnny Depp and amber herd ,Amber HeardNow the actor has revealed that he is blind in one eye. Johnny Depp told that his mother used to physically abuse him (Johnny Depp sexually assaulted (Amber Heard) She had lost one of her eyes due to the beating. During this he blamed his mother. According to reports, the actor has already mentioned this thing. Johnny Depp, 58, during Testimony in mid-AprilJohnny Depp) had said that ‘Verbal abuse and psychological abuse used to be more than beating. In such a situation, you compromise with the physical pen. You start accepting him. You know how to deal now.

The actor has already mentioned his blindness!

Referring to his blindness, he had earlier said that he is blind like Batman. The actor married Rolling Stone in the year 2013. said That Depp doesn’t see anything with his left eye. At the same time, his right eye suffers from nearsightedness. Depp told that he has never been able to see clearly, he sees everything blurry. I have never had proper vision. The actor had also told that Depp has been facing a lot of problems professionally in such a situation.

The actor told the story of his parents

Referring to his parents, Depp further said in the Virginia court- ‘My father always stood by me. Even when she used to recite them, even then he used to keep silent and watch and do nothing, he used to sip those bitter words inside her. It has never happened when you have seen father loose his taper. Have you ever attacked or hit your mother or even said something lewd. Many times indecent words were used. The actor told that in such a situation, his mind used to hit the punch on the wall.

Let me tell you, new revelations keep happening in the case of Johnny and Amber. A few days ago, Amber also revealed about the actor and ex-husband Depp that the actor has crossed the limits of misbehavior with him. Giving her testimony against Johnny on Thursday, the actress had told that Johnny Depp also used to sexually harass her.

Amber surprised everyone by saying that Johnny Depp has sexually assaulted her with a bottle too. During this, the actress also told that after doing this she was threatened that she would spoil her face with a broken bottle.

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