Shocking! Posters printed in Joe Biden’s hometown in America, President carrying rocket launcher was told Taliban terrorist

With the occupation of Afghanistan over the Taliban, anger is increasing against Democrat President Joe Biden in America. Because of this anger, Biden has to hear for himself the word ‘Taliban terrorist’.

What ended the 20-year war in Afghanistan, the situation turned upside down for President Biden. Just a year ago, he was touching new dimensions of popularity. After a year, people are not backing down from calling him a terrorist. The latest incident is from his hometown of Pennsylvania where billboards have been put up and his Biden is shown with a rocket launcher just like a Taliban terrorist.

Joe Biden, born in Pennsylvania

Joe Biden was born in the state of Pennsylvania. In such a situation, this anger of the people here can be heart-wrenching for them. It is written on the billboards ‘Making the Taliban great again’ and with it is a picture of Biden. According to US media reports, former Pennsylvania Senator Scott Wagner is the brain behind Billboard’s AIDS. In fact, Wagner has been openly expressing displeasure over the US response to the situation in Afghanistan for the past several days. It is being told that Wagner has spent about $15,000 for these AIDS so that his anger can come in front of everyone.

Senator said – what a shame to joke

Wagner said in a conversation with the York Daily Records, ‘What would you say about all the former soldiers who took part in the Afghanistan war.’ According to Wagner, the situation in Afghanistan is worse than Vietnam. The billboard on I-83 York County, Pennsylvania, is now attracting everyone’s attention. The York Daily Record reports that the former senator has met several military veterans who took part in the Afghanistan War.

Wagner says that there are many soldiers who have sacrificed their whole lives. Not only did he lose his limbs while fighting, but in this war that lasted for 20 years, his psychological condition has also become very bad. Wagner now has no shame and no remorse for ridiculing Biden. He believes that after coming back like this, Biden deserves it.

Wagner reminds of the election slogan

‘Making the Taliban great again’ is reminding people of Biden’s slogan ‘Making America Great Again’ during the presidential elections last year. Wagner says that after this billboard, people should not think that he is a supporter of former President Donald Trump.

There is anger in them about Trump as well. But he believes that if Trump made a mistake, then Biden also started following the same mistake, this is absolutely wrong. A survey was conducted in America after the Taliban’s capture of Kabul. According to the results of this survey, if elections are held in America today, Biden may have to face the biggest defeat in history compared to Trump.

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