Sidhu Moose wala Death: Mika Singh’s life in danger after killing Sidhu Moosewala? Security beefed up in Jodhpur with drones

Mika Singh’s life in danger after Sidhu Musewala’s murder?

Mika Singh Security Tightened Mika Singh has put his feelings in front of the people in strong words by posting a video on social media after the murder of Sidhu Moosewala.

famous punjabi rapper and singer Sidhu Musewala The whole country is in shock due to the painful murder of (Sidhu Moosewala) in broad daylight. After this incident, Sidhu Musewala’s friends and many celebrities expressed grief over this unfortunate incident and also banned the killers. Let me tell you, Musewala was only 28 years old. He was very close to the famous Indian singer Mika Singh, after his death, sharing an old video with Mika Singh Sidhu Musewala, has strictly prohibited his murder and killers. According to the reports, after this post, now the security of Mika Singh, who is shooting for Star Bharat’s show “Mika Di Vohti” in Jodhpur, has been increased by the police.

Security of Mika Singh increased

At present, Mika Singh and his team are staying in a big hotel in Jodhpur. India Today According to the reports, the police has increased the security of Mika Singh. DCP Bhuvan Bhushan Yadav told India Today, “We have increased the security of Mika Singh, though he did not request for additional security. We have taken this step as a precaution after the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala.” The police have also used drones for this special security arrangement.

Mika Singh met Moosewala a few days ago

Talking to India Today TV after Sidhu Musewala’s murder, Mika Singh had revealed that, “Four years ago he (Moosewala) used to talk to gangsters about threats to them. Some gangsters must have tried to extort money from him this time. Only last week he came to Mumbai and met Mika Singh. Sidhu Musewala had told Mika Singh that he could roam freely in Mumbai without any security. Hearing his words, Mika Singh had also advised Moosewala to come to Mumbai in future.

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Mika Singh explained the style of songs of Sidhu Moosewala

Mika Singh further told that “Sidhu Musewala was a very big star. In just three years, Musewala had made such a big name for himself. He had a fan following not only in Punjab but all over the world. He wrote true things in his songs, so he was successful. He himself was not a criminal. He had a style of singing, but Moose Wala himself was not. People liked Sidhu Musewala’s different style of songs and that’s why he used to make those kind of songs.” Mika also hoped that the administration should give the harshest punishment to the culprits.