‘Simplicity too…expenses too’ Saree worth about 1 crore and Mangalsutra worth lakhs, such was Swara’s unique wedding

Swara Bhaskar: Swara Bhaskar has reached her in-laws’ house after leaving her house. Swara was warmly welcomed at her in-laws house.

Swara Bhaskar

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Mumbai- A marriage like this too: Swara Bhaskar With as much fearlessness as she lived her life, she also started her new life with the same simplicity. swara samajwadi party leader Fahad Ahmed Sang is married under Special Marriage Actor. The pre-wedding functions of both have also been completed. This marriage was very special in itself, neither there were seven rounds in this marriage nor there was a marriage. However, every other ritual that took place in the marriage was performed with pomp.

saree worth around 1 crore

Swara’s marriage was full of simplicity. Simplicity does not mean that there was no expense in his marriage. In short, there was simplicity and expense in this marriage. Actually Swara Bhaskar’s bridal saree was not a common saree. According to the information received, this saree belonged to Raw Mango Company. At the same time, its price is being told as Rs 94,800. If this news is true then Swara has worn a saree worth around 1 crore.

mangalsutra of lakhs

According to the Indian tradition, every married woman’s husband wears Mangalsutra around her neck. In the marriage of his daughter Swara, his father Uday Bhaskar also followed his Andhra Pradesh tradition. In the rituals performed here, the new bride is made to wear mangalsutra with yellow thread or gold thread. This type of Mangalsutra is also known as Thali. It is believed that the cost of Swara’s mangalsutra is in lakhs.

farewell with teary eyes

Like every common girl, Swara Bhaskar was also seen crying on her farewell. Swara also felt the sorrow of being away from her parents. Actually a video of Swara is going viral. In which the actress is standing dressed like a bride and her close ones are reciting a poem for her. This moment was very emotional for the actress.

Warm welcome at in-laws house

Swara Bhaskar reached her in-laws house on Saturday for the first time after marriage. Where as soon as he got down from the car, fireworks were done to welcome him. Everyone present in the in-laws welcomed Swara with open arms. In the joy of the arrival of the actress, the entire street of Fahad Ahmed’s house was decorated with LED lights. No stone was left unturned to welcome the newlywed bride.

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2000 people will attend the reception

Got married, now let’s talk about the reception of both Swara and Fahadh. It is believed that the reception of both is going to be great. People from stars to politics are going to participate in this. Arrangements have been made for reception and food for 2000 people at the reception. At the same time, Dubai’s makeup artist is going to decorate Swara Bhaskar for the reception.