Singer KK Unknown Facts: KK will always be immortal in people’s mind with hit songs, know why singer had to do salesman’s job

Why did singer KK do the job of salesman?

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Singer KK married his childhood friend in the year 1991. Singer KK, who belonged to a simple family, had to work as a salesman for marriage.

When Bollywood’s Most Popular Versatile Singers Are Named, Then Singer KK The name of (Singer KK) comes at the top of the list. His voice had the power to make people drowsy. In a way, it would not be wrong to call him the king of the music industry. Singer KK had a beautiful art of singing all kinds of songs from romantic songs. Perhaps this was the reason that people used to spend their lives on this art of his. On the basis of his lovely voice, he used to rule the hearts of the fans of Hindi songs (Hindi Gaano Ke Fans). Today the promising star of the music industry is no more among us. In such a situation, we will talk about some such facts related to the life of singer KK, of which his fans are unaware.

KK, who hails from Delhi, has spent half his life living in his home town. He did his schooling from St. Mary’s School in Delhi. After that completed his graduation from Delhi itself. He would often hear his mother singing Malayalam songs which his father used to record on a small tape recorder. This gave him the inspiration for music.

Known as the best singer of Bollywood music industry, KK never took any professional training in music. During his school days, he often used to hum his favorite tunes. Singer KK, who grew up in South Delhi’s Green Park, was a big fan of the songs of the film Sholay. Sholay’s song Mehbooba was one of his favorite songs. At the same time, people often requested him to sing this song, which the singer used to accept with great pleasure.

Received prize in school for singing

Shakin’ of singing, KK worked very hard to pursue his musical interest. He promoted his art of music with theater performances in his school. He participated in the theater performance during school in which he was awarded the second prize.

First song sung this year

After turning to the industry, the song ‘Jab Andha Hota Hai’ from the 1973 film Raja Rani was the first playback song of his career. For which he also got a standing ovation from the audience. He used to call this song his life changing moment. He used to say that this is the song that started his career and changed his life.

Married to childhood friend

/h3> After this singer KK married his childhood friend in the year 1991. Both of them grew up and gave a name to the relationship of about 24 years and tied the knot with each other. Singer suddenly left, leaving his wife Jothi Krishna in the middle. From this they had a son and a daughter. His son’s name is Kunnath Nakul and daughter’s name is Kunnath Tamara.

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Why had to do the job of salesperson?

Singer KK also worked as a sales person before venturing into the world of music. Everyone would be shocked to hear this. But, singer KK, who belongs to a simple family, had to work as a salesman for his marriage. After marriage, he showed the courage to leave that job and follow his passion. Along with this, today singers rule the hearts of people along with the industry with their art.