Singer Shaan in the shelter of Baba Mahakal, took part in Bhasma Aarti with family, Video

Singer Shaan Latest Video: Bollywood singer Shaan participated in the holy city of Ujjain. He had darshan of Baba Mahakal and along with this he also narrated a song. He enjoyed this special moment very much. Some videos of the singer during this period have also surfaced.

Ujjain: Bollywood singer Shaan was seen in a religious atmosphere. He came with his family to attend the Bhasma Aarti of Baba Mahakal where he saw the Divine Aarti with his family. He saw Baba Mahakal. during this many videos have come to the fore in which the singer is seen engrossed in the devotion of God. Shaan has won the hearts of crores of fans of the country with the magic of his velvety voice.

Shaan, one of the top singers of Bollywood, was seen engrossed in the devotion of Baba Mahakal where he recited Karpoor Gauram Karunavataram mantra in the temple premises itself. After visiting Baba Mahakal, Shaan said during a conversation with the media that he has come to Ujjain, the city of Baba Mahakal, for the first time. He had this desire for a long time and now he has got the divine darshan of Bholenath.

Singer further said that he is very happy to have darshan of Baba Mahakal. Seeing God in Bhasma Aarti has awakened positive energy in his mind. It is very difficult to describe it in words. But Singer prayed to Shiv Shankar for the welfare of the world and the well-being of all.

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Shaan was seen in a simple style

Bollywood singer Shaan, who came to visit Baba Mahakal, also tasted the dishes of Ujjain after completing the Bhasma Aarti. He enjoyed poha and jalebi for breakfast. Singer did not take VIP treatment and he looked like a common man during this time. He received the company of the priests and took the blessings of the elders. Shaan had reached with his family during this time. He used this time in the devotion of God and by doing so he looked very cheerful and happy.

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beggar the magic of his voice

The world knows Bollywood singer Shaan for his velvety voice. On this special occasion, he used the magic of his voice and also sang songs. He participated in the program and performed for 2 hours. People were mesmerized listening to Shaan’s songs and people also danced. Talking about Bollywood singer, in the year 1999, he started his career with the film Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi. People liked the voice matching Udit Narayan and the singer never looked back in his singing journey. Last time he sang in the film Salaam Weekly.