Social media user claimed to be a time traveler, said- ‘I have traveled in time since 2027 and I am alone in the world’

TikTok user Xavier wrote, ‘Everything changes when you wake up. I am stuck between 2021 to 2027. I live in a world parallel to you.

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Time travel, or in the most popular term, time travel, is something that humanity has been excited about for a long time. We have seen about time travel in movies and television shows. This is an encouraging dream for humanity. This is the reason that when a Tiktok user claimed to be a time-traveller in a video, his video became increasingly viral. Many questions related to time travel were asked to this person in the comment section. The curiosity of the people could be seen in these questions.

In this 21-second Tiktok video, a view can be seen below from a building. It is recorded from a terrace. There are big buildings all around and the empty square can be seen. Some cars can be seen parked on the road. But humans are not visible in it. However, a bird can be seen flying at the beginning of the video. The Tiktok user wrote in his bio, ‘My name is Xavier and I am alone in the world.’ There is also an Instagram account with the same username, where the video has been posted like Tiktok.

People asked such questions by commenting

This user says, ‘I have traveled in time since 2027 and I am alone in the world.’ People have made different types of comments on the video. One user commented and said that this video actually seems to have been recorded during the lockdown. He commented, ‘This is actually a video made during the lockdown, during that time no one was going out.’ This video has been viewed 22 lakh times on Tiktok. Another user said, ‘If you are the last person on earth how are the traffic lights still on? How is there still electricity?’ Another user challenged Xavier to live stream it from a usually crowded place.

Earlier also people claimed to be time travellers

In response to these comments, Javier wrote, ‘When you wake up, everything changes. I am stuck between 2021 to 2027. I live in a world parallel to you. Videos claiming to be a time traveler and predicting future events are not rare on social media. According to Ladbill, another TikTok user @aesthetictimewarper claimed that he is a time traveler and asked people to be prepared for the coming decade. This user had claimed that NASA will discover a parallel Earth on 3 August 2021. However, this did not happen.

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