Sonam Kapoor’s husband accused of tax fraud and paying fake bills, Anand Ahuja calls it ‘baseless’

There were several tweets between Sonam Kapoor’s husband Anand Ahuja and an international shipping company, in which this company cited the rules and called Ahuja’s actions against the rules, while Ahuja dismissed all these allegations.

Sonam Kapoor with her husband Anand Ahuja

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bollywood actress sonam kapoor ,Sonam Kapoor) husband of Anand Ahuja (Anand Ahuja) is facing serious charges. They are alleged to have given fake challans to make their purchases and pay fees. However, Anand Ahuja has vehemently denied all these allegations against him. He has called it baseless allegations to defame it. After these allegations, there has been a different uproar on social media. This thing is going on not only in India but also at the international level because they have an international company ( has made allegations. Although this thing started with a tweet by Anand Ahuja. He had tweeted about the company, referring to the horrific experience with the same company. Now the same company has accused Anand Ahuja of tax fraud and giving fake bills.

Controversy started with a tweet by Sonam Kapoor’s husband

Actress Sonam Kapoor’s businessman husband Anand Ahuja has denied all allegations of tax fraud and sending ‘doctor’s invoices’ by international shipping company He has said that there is no truth in this, all this is a conspiracy to defame. It all started with Anand’s tweet in which he wrote that does anyone know anyone in @MyUS_Shopaholic? I recently had a terrible experience. They are unfairly grabbing my belongings. Rejecting my formal paperwork and at the same time not accepting any of my arguments.

The company called the action of Anand Ahuja against the rules

The whole controversy started with this tweet. On the same tweet, Sonam Kapoor also retweeted and wrote that Terrible Customer Service is shameful. After this, when the company responded, they were accused of fraud. The company said that it is not a matter of quality of customer service as has been tweeted. Mr. Ahuja has wrongly represented the price he paid for the sneakers he bought on eBay. As a result of which they will have to pay less fee and car.

Twitter war between the company and Ahuja

After this, there were many tweets between Anand Ahuja and this company, in which this company cited the rules and called Ahuja’s actions against the rules, while Ahuja dismissed all these allegations, out called it a defamatory charge. Let us tell you, Sonam Kapoor married businessman Anand Ahuja in 2018. Since then both live together. She had also supported her husband in this matter, but now the matter seems to be increasing.

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