Sonu Sood Net Worth: Amidst the Income Tax Department’s action at Sonu Sood, know what is the actor’s net worth, how much he earns and where does charity money come from

Sonu Sood has been ruling the hearts of his fans for a long time. Sonu is known for serving people more than his acting these days. Let us tell you that in the disaster of Corona, Sonu has come out as a messiah for everyone. But now news is coming that Income Tax Department has raided Sonu Sood’s house.

Let us tell you that Sonu is such an artist who has earned a name in acting on his own. In such a situation, the actor has done a great job in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Punjabi films. Let us know what is the net worth of the actor and what kind of life he is fond of living-

Know Sonu’s Netbirth

According to, the net worth of Sonu Sood is around 130 crores. Actors are showing their Jauhar in Bollywood films for the last 2 decades. Sonu’s fan following is very strong only on the basis of acting. Brand endorsements are a major source of their income.

Sonu Sood has worked with Salman Khan in Dabangg. At the same time, she has worked with Shahrukh Khan in “Happy New Year”. The actor lives in Mumbai with his children and wife. Sonu Sood’s wife’s name is Sonali Sood. Sonu met Sonali while studying in Nagpur. Where both fell in love and the pair got married in 1996.

Sonu’s house and vehicles

Sonu Sood lives in a 2600 sq/f house in Lokhandwala area of ​​Mumbai. This actor’s house is 4 BHK. Along with this, two more flats are also told in Mumbai near Sonu. Not only this, the actor also owns a hotel in Juhu.

Let us tell you that the actor has a Mercedes Benz ML Class 350 CDI car, the cost of this vehicle is Rs 66 lakh. At the same time, he has an Audi Q7 which he drives these days. The cost of this vehicle is Rs 80 lakh. Not only this, he also has a Porsche Panama which costs Rs 2 crore. Sonu Sood has 2 sons, Ishant and Ayaan, they also sometimes go for a walk in their father’s car.

Sonu has been helping thousands of people every day since last year. He has provided people with houses, money, houses, and jobs. There is a crowd of people at his house these days. Where people are coming to ask him for help.

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Breaking: Income tax survey on 6 locations of Sonu Sood, investigation of disproportionate assets is being done