Sony made AI agent GT Sophy, beats humans in the game

Sony has created an artificial intelligence agent named Gran Turismo Sophy. It can beat the best drivers from the PlayStation racing simulation game Gran Turismo. Sony has said that it has worked hard to make the GT Sophy gaming ready. He has gone through many trainings. This AI agent competed against four of the best Gran Turismo drivers in a race for the first time in July. Learned a lot in that. This was followed by another race in October that outperformed human drivers.

According to a Reuters report, Peter Wurman, director of Sony AI America and the leader of the AI ​​design team, said that 20 PlayStations running simultaneously for about 10-12 days were used to trend GT Sophy. Humans have been defeated in many sports using AI, but in order to make AI expert in race car driving, many tasks have to be completed in real time.

Sony’s rival company Microsoft is also using games to improve AI. Recently Microsoft bought Activision for $ 69 billion (about Rs 5,17,035 crore).

The racing simulation video game ‘Gran Turismo’ was debuted in 1997. It has sold more than 80 million units. Sony wants to apply what it learns to the rest of its PlayStation games.

The company says that there are many games that present different challenges to AI. We look forward to starting work on those problems.

Sony is best known for mobile phones, gaming consoles, cameras, headphones or other electronics. Soon this company will also be recognized as an electric car maker. Last month, at the biggest technology event CES 2022, the company told that it is going to step into the world of electric mobility. In the last CES event, the company showed its electric concept car Vision-S EV. It is believed that Sony’s upcoming electric car will be based on this concept. This year also the company has shown a new concept.