‘Sorry, I don’t have that much time..’- CM Yogi’s big statement on Pathan, said this on Boycott

CM Yogi On Pathaan: CM Yogi Adityanath has broken the silence for the first time regarding the controversy over Shah Rukh Khan’s recently released film Pathan. Know what he has said.

Shahrukh Khan and CM Yogi

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CM Yogi Adityanath on SRK Pathan: Shahrukh Khan a film by Pathan It was in discussion even before its release and remains in headlines even after its release. Now the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh regarding the film Yogi Adityanath The reaction of has also come to the fore. In an interview, CM Yogi spoke openly on Pathan and its boycott. He said that he respects artists. Along with this, the CM also said that no one should be allowed to incite sentiments.

There was a lot of uproar across the country regarding Pathan’s song Besharam Rang. Effigies of Shah Rukh Khan were burnt and several cinema halls were vandalised. The controversy took such a color that the censor board made several cuts in the film. However, despite heavy protests, the film has shattered all records in terms of earnings. It has now become the highest grossing Hindi film. Worldwide its earnings have reached around 730 crores.

‘Sorry, I didn’t see’

Recently, CM Yogi talked about Pathan in an interview given to Aaj Tak. On the question of seeing Pathan, the CM said, “Sorry, I am not able to see, nor do I have that much time, because in a state with a population of 25 crores… I respect artists. I respect writers. We give full respect to anyone who has any talent. There is not so much time that we can watch films… But we give full respect to any artist or any literary figure, who has any talent, at the personal level as well as at the official level.

Said this on meeting Bollywood actors in Mumbai

Recently, CM Yogi went to Mumbai and met people and artists associated with the film industry. On the question asked on this, he said, “I had taken the road show of the Global Investor Summit in Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh. I had met industrialists as well as investors in the road show. I had a second meeting with heads of financial institutions and heads of banks. I had the third meeting with the actor, director and producer. All the three meetings were very successful. People had a very positive response. Because our film city is coming very soon in Uttar Pradesh. For this we had to have a dialogue with them…we had to take their opinion about how we can take these programs forward.

On Pathan’s boycott, CM Yogi said, “There was no protest anywhere in Uttar Pradesh. At one place it was a mutual dispute. There a spectator was making a reel of that film. He was stopped by the staff of the cinema hall regarding this. In this there was a dispute between those people… Apart from this there was no other dispute. We must pay attention to one thing, whenever a film like this comes or a stage like this happens, then people’s sentiments must be respected. Along with the presentation, there should be respect for the feelings for which we want to present and no one should be allowed to provoke the feelings.