South African boxer dies, punches were thrown in the air in the last fight, watch video

South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi during the match (PC: Video Screenshot)

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During a match, South African young boxer Simiso Buthelezi suffered a brain injury, after which he started punching in the air. Seeing his condition, the referee had to stop the match.

South African youth boxer Simiso Buthelezi has said goodbye to the world. He suffered a brain injury during a match, after which he was admitted to the hospital. Fought for a few days in Simiso Hospital, but this young boxer, who defeated the opponents in the ring, could not defeat death and said goodbye to the world. Lightweight boxer Simiso was injured during the World Boxing Federation All Africa bout against Sifesale Tungwa. In the match, Cifasale had hit hard on Simiso. In response, this boxer also threw punches and dropped the opposition player.

Punch started hitting in the empty corner

In the final round, Simiso started punching in the second empty corner of the ring. Seeing him punching an empty corner, the referee had to decide to stop the match. Its video is also becoming quite viral on social media. After investigation, it was found that Simiso had gone into a coma due to internal bleeding due to brain injury. After being in a coma for 2 days, this boxer died on Tuesday.

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Boxer had died earlier too

The South Africa Boxing Federation issued a statement saying that there were a few seconds left in the end of the last round. When the referee resumed the bout after the opposition player fell, Simiso got confused and started punching in the air. The federation said that efforts were made to give him the best possible treatment, but he could not be saved. The Federation issued a statement saying that this is a time of sorrow for the Federation and Simiso’s family. This young boxer had recently completed his graduation. Some time ago, Turkish boxer Musa Yamak was killed during a match. He had a heart attack during the match.