South Korea Vs Portugal and Ghana vs Uruguay Match Report FIFA World Cup 2022 KOR Vs POR and GHA vs URU Goals Difference Player of the match in Hindi | FIFA World Cup: Korea’s last-minute reversal, defeating Portugal to enter knockout

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Report: Despite this defeat, Ronaldo and his Portuguese team were not affected as they had already qualified for the next round.

Korea’s victory eliminated Uruguay.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 has surprised the football world. From the beginning of the group stage till its last matches, the tournament continued to be in turmoil. After Argentina, Germany, Belgium and Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team Portugal also faced a shocking result. In their last match of Group H, Portugal had to face defeat 1-2 and this was done by another Asian team. A day after Japan’s explosion, its neighbor South Korea defeated the European power. With this, Korea made it to the next round. And in the second match of the same group, Uruguay beat Ghana 2-0 but still got eliminated from the group round.

South Korea desperately needed a win in this match and came back after trailing in the beginning and equalized 1-1 in the first half itself. However, on the other hand, Uruguay took a 2-0 lead over Ghana. In this situation, Uruguay was going to the knockout while South Korea would have to look for a way out. Then the same thing happened, due to which football has got the status of the most exciting game in the world.

After the completion of 90 minutes, as soon as 6 minutes of extra time was found, within a few seconds of that, Korea took a 2-1 lead on the basis of Hwang Hee Chan’s goal. This lead in the last minutes had decided to go to the next round. It was just needed to maintain this lead and at the same time not to score Uruguay’s third goal. Korea was successful in its work and defeated Portugal and carried out another spectacular reversal.

At the same time, after a few minutes, he also got help from Ghana, who stopped Uruguay from scoring the third goal of the match. Uruguay beat Ghana 2-0, but even this was not enough for them. Actually Korea and Uruguay had a total of 4 points each. The goal difference of both was also 0-0. If Uruguay had scored one more goal, its goal difference would have been 1 and it would have reached the next round, but this did not happen. In such a situation, it was decided which team scored more goals and here Korea won, because it scored 4 goals in 3 matches, while Uruguay scored only 2 goals.

Failing to score in their opening two matches against Portugal and Korea cost Uruguay and saw them exit the tournament. At the same time, Ghana also got eliminated after finishing last in the group.