Sperstar Singer 2: Singing reality show gets its top 15 contestants, now the responsibility will be handed over to the captains

Singing reality show got its top 15 contestants

After the success of the first season, now Sony TV has brought the second season of Superstar Singer. Let us tell you, now this show has got its top 15 contestants.

Sony TV reality superstar singer season 2 ,Superstar Singer 2) is leaving behind all other reality shows in terms of popularity. Now this famous show has to be shared by its top 15 contestants (Top 15 Contestants) have been found. These contestants include Samaira Mahajan (Punjab), Pranjal Biswas (West Bengal), Rohan Das (West Bengal), Soyab Ali (Haryana), Pratyush Anand (Bhopal), Aruna Das (West Bengal), Aryanand Babu (Kerala), Sayantani Kanjilal. (West Bengal), Saisha Gupta (Punjab), Vishwaja Jadhav (Maharashtra), Harshita Bhattacharya (Guwahati), Chetanya Vaish (Chandigarh), Mohammad Faiz (Rajasthan), Rituraj (Kerala), Mani (Punjab).

In the coming episodes it will be seen how these top 15 contestants split into teams of captains and start training under their mentorship. 10-year-old Samaira from Punjab had mesmerized everyone with her incredible voice. Judge Alka Yagnik became emotional with her performance on ‘Kis Liye Maine Pyaar Kiya’. Pranjal Biswas, 11, hailing from West Bengal and performing with her traditional style and soulful voice, instantly became everyone’s favorite as she sang ‘Sun Mere Bandhu Re’ in front of the judges.

The judges were stunned to see the new talent

The judges also named him ‘Pranjal’ as ‘Prabhu Pranjal’. His performance garnered all the captains on stage and bowed down to his beautiful voice and talent. Rohan Das from West Bengal, who set the stage on fire, just 10 years old, gave a scintillating performance on ‘Hum Thi Woh Thi and Sama Rangang Samjh Le Na’. Himesh Reshammiya was so impressed with this performance that he called the child a complete performer.

very interesting episode

Haryana’s Soyb Ali, who has come up with a resolve to snatch the chair of captain Salman Ali, stunned everyone with his performance at the age of 13. Pratyush Anand of Madhya Pradesh not only sang a good song but also made everyone happy with some delicious dishes. When 14-year-old Aruna Das from West Bengal achieved the standings with her fusion performance, everyone got teary-eyed seeing the talent of Aryanand Babu.

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Top 15 are selected from all over the country

Apart from these, Sayantani Kanjilal of West Bengal, Saisha Gupta of Punjab, Vishwaja Jadhav of Maharashtra and ‘Harshita Bhattacharya’ also made it to the top 15.