Staff of seven people on one student in board exam, where did this surprising matter come from?

Gujarat Board Exam: During the board exam, there have been four exam centers where the number of students giving paper has been limited to only one. Let us know where this matter has come to the fore.

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Board Exam: We all have definitely given board exams during school days. Usually during the board exam there are 30 to 40 students in each class. There are also at least two teachers to supervise these children. Other than this board exam During the security is taken full care of. That’s why policemen are also deployed. However, this arrangement is made to manage the large number of students. But during the recent board exams, there were some centers where only one number of students appeared for the paper.

In fact, during the board exams being held in Gujarat, there were four such centres, which were exam centers for only one student. Even though the number of students who appeared for the paper was just one, full security arrangements were made. The number of officials of the education department was more than the students at these four exam centres. Officials claimed that such a situation is not the same for every paper as the number of students varies subject-wise.

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7 staff members engaged for one student

One student each appeared in the Class 10 Maths exam at two exam centers in Gujarat’s Valsad district and two exam centers in the Union Territories of Diu, Daman, Dadar and Nagar Haveli. The officials claimed that they made arrangements to ensure that all the guidelines are followed and the students get all the facilities as per their requirement.

The minimum staff required at each exam center includes two policemen, one person each to deliver question paper, supervisor, center head, clerk and a peon. In this way, at least seven staff members are required for each exam center.

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rules followed

The education department official said, ‘In some places the guidelines were followed at the entire exam centres. Keeping this in mind, we will have to establish a new exam center even if there is more than one student. He said, ‘We have to deploy necessary staff in these exam centers as well. However, such a situation is not the same for all papers, as the number of students varies with each subject.