Started playing against Kenya, took 14 years, now scored a century, VIDEO

Zimbabwe captain Regis Chakabwa’s ODI career started in the year 2008 against Kenya. But he has scored his first century now i.e. in the year 2022 against Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe’s Regis Chakabwa scored his first century after 14 years of debut

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New Delhi: When every batsman comes on the field with a bat, his thinking remains that he should score a century. In this intention some pass, some fail. But, the player we are talking about, he had failed in the game of century for 14 years. And, now that it has been passed, leading the team from the front as a captain. We are talking Zimbabwe captain and batsman regis blueberry Key, whose ODI career started in the year 2008 against Kenya, but he has scored his first century now i.e. in the year 2022.

Regis Chakabwa scored a brilliant century in the second match of the home ODI series against Bangladesh. He scored 102 runs in just 75 balls, which included 10 fours and 2 sixes. Chakabwa’s strike rate was 136 during his first ODI century.

Chakabwa’s captaincy innings, the team won the victory

Regis Chakabwa is also the captain of Zimbabwe and thanks to his captaincy innings, the team registered a spectacular victory in the match. Captain Chakabwa also got the support of his teammate Sikandar Raza, who scored 117 runs in the task of winning the team.

Bangladesh had set a target of 291 runs for victory in front of Zimbabwe, in response, Zimbabwe achieved this target by losing 5 wickets with 15 balls to spare.

Regis Chakabva’s first century in 14 years

14 years have passed since Regis Chakabwa played his first ODI. Since playing the first ball against Kenya, he has faced 1549 balls in a total of 55 ODIs, in which he has scored 1057 runs with 1 century. He scored the only ODI century against Bangladesh in the last 75 balls, that is, he scored 4 half-centuries in 1474 balls, but could not give it the form of a century.

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