States got GST arrears, Maharashtra’s share is highest, Delhi got so many crores

The central government has released GST arrears of Rs 17,000 crore to the states. Maharashtra has the maximum share in this, while Karnataka, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have also received a large amount.

The largest share of GST arrears has come to the hands of Maharashtra.

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The GST arrears, which has often been a point of contention between the central and state governments, have finally been released by the central government. A total amount of Rs 17,000 crore has been released by the Central Government and Maharashtra has the maximum share in this. Whereas Karnataka, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have been the states which have received more than Rs 1,000 crore.

Finance Ministry released 17,000 crores

The Finance Ministry issued a statement on Friday saying that the Central Government has released Rs 17,000 crore of GST arrears to the states on November 24. This GST compensation is for the period April to June 2022. In the financial year 2022-23, GST arrears of Rs 1.15 lakh crore have been given to the states so far.

Central government paying from its own pocket

It has been said in the statement of the ministry that till October 2022, only Rs 72, 147 crore has been collected in the form of GST cess. But 43,515 crore rupees have been given by the central government by collecting from its own resources.

With the release of this amount, the central government has given the states the share of GST compensation that is expected to be collected by March 2023.

Maharashtra’s share is highest, Delhi’s bat-bat

The arrears of GST released by the Central Government. Maharashtra has the maximum share in this. Rs 2081 crore has reached Maharashtra’s account. At the same time, Karnataka has been at number two with a share of Rs 1915 crore.

Delhi has received Rs 1200 crore in this consignment. While Uttar Pradesh has received Rs 1202 crore and Tamil Nadu has received Rs 1188 crore. Apart from this, Punjab has received Rs 984 crore, West Bengal Rs 814 crore, Rajasthan Rs 806 crore and Gujarat Rs 856 crore. See here the list of all the states…

Name of the State/UT (Rs. in crore)
Andhra Pradesh 682
Assamese 192
Bihar 91
Chhattisgarh 500
New Delhi 1,200
Goa 119
Gujarat 856
Haryana 622
Himachal Pradesh 226
Jammu and Kashmir 208
Jharkhand 338
Karnataka 1,915
Kerala 773
Madhya Pradesh 722
Maharashtra 2,081
Odisha 524
Pondicherry 73
Punjab 984
Rajasthan 806
Tamil Nadu 1,188
Telangana 542
Uttar Pradesh 1,202
Uttarakhand 342
West Bengal 814
Total 17,000

When the GST regime was introduced, compensation was arranged in view of the possible loss in revenue of the states. This amount is raised through a Cess of 15 percent on items with GST at the rate of 28 percent.

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English Headline : Center releases Rs. 17,000 Cr GST compensation to states, Maharashtra gets the biggest piece and Delhi received over 1000 crore.