Storm Eunice: Dangerous ‘Eunice’ storm hovers over Britain, may cause havoc, red alert issued in London, flight and train canceled

Eunice Storm in UK: There is a danger of a storm named Eunice in many parts of the UK. It can be the most dangerous after the severe storm that came 32 years ago. People have been asked to avoid traveling. A red alert has been issued in London.

The threat of Hurricane Eunice increases in Britain

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Britain (Britain) but the storm named Younis (Storm Eunice) is under threat. Due to which people have been asked to stay at home for protection. The Meteorological Department has issued a red alert for northern England including London.Red Alert in England) has been announced. Here the wind speed is likely to be 100 miles per hour. According to the report of the Daily Mail, due to the high speed of the wind, the roofs of the house can blow and go up to the electricity. Along with this, people’s lives can also be in danger. People have been asked to take necessary measures for safety.

Hundreds of schools have been closed. All trains in Wales have been suspended. People traveling by train in England have been told that this could be the worst storm in 32 years, so they should avoid traveling. Army has also been deployed so that any untoward incident can be avoided. British Airways has canceled more than 80 flights at Heathrow and other airports in London. Those traveling by motorcycle have been told to travel only when necessary. Famous places for roaming have been closed. These include the London Eye, Q Garden and Legoland.

The Mayor of London appealed to the people

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said, ‘Please stay at home, do not take risks and do not travel at all unless necessary.’ The agency, which gives information related to the environment, has asked people to avoid visiting the coastal areas. Taking a dangerous picture here ‘could be a stupid thing to do.’ The government’s COBRA Civil Contingency Committee will meet this afternoon to discuss the response to the storm for the second time in two days. In which there will be a meeting again under the chairmanship of Cabinet Office Minister Michael Ellis.

People were asked to avoid train travel

Network Rail has urged its customers to refrain from traveling. Many services have either been canceled or delayed. While many trains are running at a speed of 50 mph. Major roads including the A66 cross-Pennine route and the M8 between Edinburgh and Glasgow have been partially closed due to strong winds. It is being said that the wind speed can reach 100 miles per hour in the coastal areas. This could be the deadliest storm for Britain since the Great Storm of 1987. At that time the wind speed had reached 115 mph in West Sussex. Whereas in central London the wind speed was recorded at 94 mph.

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