Stuart McGill kidnapped, left a few hours later

Australia Was once considered to be the most powerful cricket team in the world. No team was unable to overcome it. This team has captured the Cricket World Cup for a total of 5 and 3 consecutive times. Not only this, the legendary players who made this team who ruled in Test matches for years were invincible. One of these players was spin bowler Stuart McGill, who was recently kidnapped. After which he was assaulted and threatened with death.

Stuart kidnapped from front of house

Former Australian spin bowler Stuart McGill was abducted by four men near his home. After which they took him out of the city and assaulted him, as well as threatened to kill him. However, he was also released after a while.

After which McGill is quite scared. After this the police Sydney Four people have been arrested. All these four people were arrested at 6 am on Wednesday. Whose age is 27, 29, 42 and 46 years. By the way, Stuart says that one of the kidnappers was his acquaintance.

Stuart McGill has played 44 Tests.

stuart-macgill (Stuart McGill)

Former Australian bowler Stuart McGill was counted among the legendary spin bowlers. One reason for this was also that he was capable of taking wickets even under very difficult circumstances. Although McGill played only 44 Test matches, he has 208 wickets in these matches.

Stuart, who was part of the Australian team from 1998 to 2008, has played mostly Test matches. During this time, he has done the feat of taking 10 wickets in the match 2 times and 12 times of taking 5 wickets in an innings. McGill has also played 3 ODIs, in which he made 6 names.

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