‘Students’ could not speak English in court, will go to lockup! Gujarat police in search

These students have got top scores in the English Proficiency Test IELTS. But they could not even speak in English in the US court. Now the police is involved in the investigation.

Despite IELTS unable to speak English, 6 Indians caught in America

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After not being able to speak English in the US court, the police has started looking for 6 people. These are all Indians. According to the report, these students were given the English proficiency test. IELTS Got the top scores in . But when in a case they were caught and presented in a US court, then these students could not even talk in English there. The judge had to take the help of a translator to understand his words. After this incident, now it is time to go to their lock-up. Gujarat Police has started their search.

First know- What is IELTS?

The full form of IELTS is International English Language Testing System. In countries where English is not the main language, students from there have to take this exam for admission in good colleges abroad. English test is done in this. On getting good scores, admission is available in other countries including America.

Now understand the whole matter

Inspector Bhavesh Rathod from Gujarat Police Special Operation Group said that ‘investigation has started against 6 people. All of them are between 19 and 21 years of age. In March 2022, he was caught entering the US by boat from Canada. They were caught when the boat started sinking in the Saint Regis River in Akwesasne near the US-Canada border.

The inspector said that when he was presented in the court in the US, he could not even answer the questions of the judge in English. The court was also surprised to see that students who got 6.5 to 7 scores in IELTS did not know that much English.

Police say that these 6 people had appeared in the IELTS exam on 25 September 2021 in Navsari, South Gujarat. Then he went to Canada on 19 March 2022 with a student visa. About two weeks later, he was caught from the US Canada Border.

These people are a threat to Indian students: Social media

After this news came out, reactions have started coming on social media as well. Some are making funny comments, while some are expressing concern about the future of Indian students abroad due to such incidents. One user wrote – ‘Jugaad culture is happening international’. So another wrote- ‘Fake IELTS can take them to New Jersey, but one thing is for sure that it will trouble all Indian students who want to make a career abroad.’

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