Study and job in Germany is now easier for Indians! effect of the new agreement

Understanding Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement has been signed between India and Germany. Let us know how the students will benefit from this agreement.

Easy to go to Germany (indicative picture)

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External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Germany Signed the Understanding Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement of Foreign Minister Annalena Barebock. With this, it will be easier for people to study, research and work in each other’s country. Apart from this, one of its objectives is to stop illegal migration through this agreement. Apart from the agreement, Jaishankar and Bierbock also discussed deepening bilateral cooperation including energy, trade and climate change and global issues including the Ukraine conflict.

In a joint press address with German Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock after the meeting, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said that the mobility partnership agreement will make it easier to study, research and work in each other’s country and that the agreement is a step towards a more contemporary bilateral partnership between the two countries. Aadhaar is a strong signal. Let us know how Indians will benefit from this.

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  • The ‘Comprehension Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement’ will work to increase the movement of students between the two countries. The Government of India has already announced to help German students study in Indian institutions through the Study in India program.
  • With this agreement, the people of India and Germany will get easy entry in each other’s countries. It will be easier for Indian students to take admission in German universities. People will also be able to go to Germany easily in connection with work.
  • Germany and India will accelerate efforts to expand the internationalization of higher education systems, advance the innovation and research landscape of both countries and strengthen twin structures for vocational education and training.
  • This means that Indian students will get more and more opportunities in research programs in Germany. Germany’s university is known for its higher education system, research and development.
  • Through this agreement, Indian students will also get a chance to get joint degree and dual degree. This will be possible through the partnership of Indian and German universities.

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